‘Easy-Lift’ Stowage Device

The ‘Easy-Lift’ mechanism is fitted as standard on all Roof Mounted Systems, which allows the bulkhead to be effortlessley lifted and stored. The integrated ‘CG-Cleat’ grips the rope when being lifted, to avoid the bulkhead slipping and then self-locks when in the desired position, holding the unit firmly against the roof. All ‘CG-Cleats’ have been fully tested to a breaking strength of 230kgs, so you can be confident in the fact that once the bulkhead is stored, it will remain stored!

The Easy-Glide rollers incorporate 4 Nylon wheels,
which are used in conjunction with side-wall 'J' tracks and
the unique centre tracks that are present in the two-piece units. These allow the bulkhead to be smoothly moved along the vehicle into the desired position.


All Cool-Guard Bulkheads are fitted with a heavy-duty PE skid-guard, which prevents damage to the bottom of the unit when being operated and scuffed along the vehicle floor. It also prevents lower damage from trolleys, cages, pallets etc., which offers a great barrier against costly repairs and down-time.