Cool-Guard Bulkheads can be manufactured in a multitude of configurations.
All bulkhead are bespoke and can be manufactured to any shape or size.

Roof Mounted Bulkheads

  • Ideally suited for trailers and rigid vehicles
  • Once bulkheads are stowed the vehicle can be loaded/un-loaded without the need to remove them
  • Easy-Glide rollers allow the bulkhead to be effortlessley moved along the length of the vehicle
  • 'Easy-Lift' Pulley system complete with integrated 'CG Cleat'
  • Thermostatic fan kits(optional)
  • Various configurations available, including one-piece, two-piece, three-piece
  • Side wings(optional)

Fully Portable Bulkheads

  • Ideally suited for vans and small rigid vehicles
  • Various configurations available including one-piece(plug) and Bi-fold
  • Wheel box flaps (optional)
  • Thermostatic fan kits (optional)
  • Can be manufactured to suit any shape or style of van